Friday, 4 February 2011

Memory poem

Hello handsome
I'm here again ready
for the hairs of you all
spaced and bodily

This secret place I've found you in

The long thin marks and tracks
stick with me here
intention to cause a change in behaviour
you've taken me over again

And stand I do and let you
all agape and small again
knowing that you will hold me
till the open closes pushing
at the long abandoned bounds of me

And here in this image and
a few barely conjured words
something hits like hope again
and again

We are all scars and long lines
burning for each other
the wish crack of a memory from
before my time

I am always reliving that moment not mine.
I am over and waiting
hanging for the thing
you'll bring
the promise that we asked for outwith our fear
The gift I'll give to pay you back for being there
year after year.

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