Friday, 4 March 2011

Fort. Da.

On my pillows is the smell
of where you were that night
and in my mind is the memory
of where you were all night

And now and then I forget and
then remember the shape of
your body on mine - your weight
and how you held it above me -
and the way we kissed that was
nothing like kissing
more like discovery or tapestry.

I'm bearing scars, prizes, gifts and promises
I know now what yes really means
and yes and yes and yes.
I've got a new vocabulary and an equation
which is a bit like one plus one
but far more complicated.

Magic like snow, and just as surprising
when it comes, changing the landscape,
gone in the morning.

And a promise: to return, to repeat, to renew.
To know always and forever that one and one make more than two.
Fort. Da. You.

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